The Invitation Movie

So I sat down with a drink last night to watch a movie that I’d heard Bret Easton Ellis talk about in one of his podcasts. The feature in question was The Invitation.

In short, this is one hell of creepy build to the ultimate pay-off in the final scene.

What I enjoyed about this film is the intensity of the acting within a film that is clearly low in budget. It just didn’t require any effects and nor did it require any popcorn. It’s not that sort of a film.

The basic premise is that a young guy (Will) and his new girlfriend arrive at a party that is essentially a reunion of old friends with their new partners. Amongst the hosts are Will’s ex and what later transpires is that they both suffered an awfully traumatic experience when living together – in the house where the party is being held.

The entire movie is built around this dynamic and the plot centres on how this trauma is being and has been handled by Will and his ex.

Though the motivation and the wishes of the hosts become pretty obvious as the story unfolds, it’s the build up that affected me the most. It’s sinister, intense and ultimately a chilling view. But beautifully presented.

To explain any further detail would wander into the territory of giving too much away. You really must experience this film with fresh eyes and make your own judgement.

If you enjoy tense thrillers and would happily watch such things again then I’d recommend forking out the £5.99 (HD and SD) on iTunes. Rental is just £2.49. (As at June 2017)

I’m no movie reviewer but if I were to award points I’d happily give it 4/5. The final mark would have been given had some of the supporting roles been a little less amateurish. But on the whole a fine film.

All in all I recommend The Invitation as a fine suspense movie to be enjoyed with your other half and a good bottle of red.