Star Wars – Who Are The Last Jedi?

I’m thrilled by the announcement of the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi.

Since childhood this saga has held me captive. As a young boy in primary school myself and my friends waited eagerly for the release of The Empire Strikes Back. We’d devoured the first film, then simply referred to as Star Wars, and couldn’t wait for the follow up.

At the time the rumour mill had suggested there would be 9 films in the series of which Star Wars was the 4th.

The prequel trilogy was fun to watch but didn’t much feel like Star Wars, for me. A little too polished perhaps. But with The Force Awakens I leaped right back to my childhood and relished every moment. Strong characters, fantastic action sequences and the promise of some wonderful story-telling with the characters that I’d grown up with.

Whether the last Jedi refers to a single or plural Jedi is mouth wateringly enticing. It’s probably a little too obvious that Rey or Luke should be portrayed as the last of their kind. Perhaps also a little too obvious that Finn should emerge as being force sensitive and play a pivotal Jedi role. I don’t know.

I’d like to think that Kylo Ren’s character mellows somewhat. They went to great lengths to reveal his identity in The Force Awakens and show a vulnerability that is uncharacteristic in ‘bad guys’.

Rey, on the other hand, was a tough cookie throughout. Little is known of her history and this intrigues me. She may just be somebody who has a particular axe to grind with the Jedi and could fall under the dark spell of the mysterious Snoke. Is Snoke Sith? I’m really not clued up enough on this to offer any thoughts. I’m sure there’s a dedicated forum or twenty out there with plenty of insightful speculation.

So roll on December and the next instalment of the Skywalker Saga.

The image of Rey against the sunset was created using Photoshop.

Luke Skywalker – Apprentice becomes Master?

I love Star Wars. I was seven when the first film was launched. Eight by the time I got to experience it in the UK.
It’s been a constant in my life and most things that I do creatively have their roots in my love for the films.

I enjoyed the prequels but they’re not films I’d watch over and over. The original trilogy, however, is something I enjoy every once in a while. I’m naturally thrilled for Episode 7, The Force Awakens.

Luke Skywalker Episode 7 picture

Contrary to the popular view of the day – when I was a child – I identified more with Luke than Han. For an 8 year old boy that was strange. Most boys wanted to be the deep space smuggler with the itchy trigger finger. But for some reason I was more intrigued by the naive Jedi.

Kylo Ren

The rumours going around just now are that Skywalker is to turn to the dark side. Sith sympathiser and new bad boy in town, Kylo Ren (pictured), is the latest cool figure to step onto the Star Wars stage. I’m not sure of his blood line or if he even has control of The Force, but he’s an intriguing prospect. Especially as the rumour mill suggests that Skywalker could well be Ren’s trainer. (Update: Ren is indeed force sensitive)

I remember waiting patiently for The Empire Strikes Back as a 10 year old Star Wars nut. The rumours were nothing more than playground chatter. We had next to nothing to go on but it didn’t stop us from speculating what may happen in the next instalment. I applaud the film’s producers for keeping a cloak over much of Episode 7’s content. It really does feel like I’m properly excited about a film for the first time in almost 40 years.