Writing a children’s sci-fi adventure

I’ve enjoyed a spot of writing in recent weeks. Much of my time is spent in other creative forms so to sit and write is a pleasure.

I’d had this children’s adventure story in my mind for some time so figured I should set it down and start to mould it into some shape.

It’s about a young boy and his pet dog who enjoy a long walk in the woods. The dog races on ahead a discovers something buried deep in the undergrowth. A spaceship, no less!

As the two pull the bracken, brambles, sticks and shrubbery away they unveil a single seater starfighter that looks for all the world like it might just actually work.

I put together some sketches to try and visualise the opening chapter.

The story is still in its rough state and I’m hoping to add some detail in the coming weeks. I’d really love to have this as the seed for a series of adventures for the kid and his dog.

Kyle Comet and The Secret of Planet X

BookSo thrilled to be able to promote my new children’s book. I’ve been writing this for almost 40 years, if I’m honest. Ever since I first saw Star Wars as a boy I’d wanted to create a story about a bunch of school friends who explore space.

Despite my love of Star Wars the premise of this series is probably more closely aligned to Star Trek. I always loved how the crew of the Enterprise seemed like good friends first and starpilots second.
That’s exactly what I wanted to convey with this story.

Kyle Jones is prone to day-dreaming in class. When he drifts off he becomes Kyle Comet, hero of Star Command. Along with his close friends, Biff and Anya, he sets out to explore new worlds.

Their first adventure The Secret of Planet X is a story set on a mysterious alien world. Kyle and friends soon discover that there is more to the planet than just sand and hostile alien space bugs.

I wrote the story for children aged 6 – 9 years. I think it makes for a wonderful first chapter book and is possibly more a boy’s adventure than girls. But I don’t know. I intentionally created a strong girl character for that reason. I wanted each of the characters to appeal and be something that children with fantastic imaginations might aspire to.

The book is currently available to buy from Lulu.com.