Dreaming of Rachel

I’m sure my dreams are becoming more surreal.

Last night I dreamed I was dating Rachel Khoo. There’s nothing at all wrong or unusual in that, she’s gorgeous. But it’s how we dated that has struck me as odd in the cold light of day.

I was wearing a black suit and tried very hard to carry myself much like Al Pacino did in The Godfather. That is to say, with an air of arrogance. Quietly spoken and painfully aloof.

Rachel was dressed in her signature vibrant style of 1950’s style dresses.

We rode around in my Lamborghini concept car but rather than sitting inside it we sat on the roof. I somehow steered the thing by using a wooden stick!

For our date we pitched up at Rick Stein’s restaurant somewhere well off the beaten track. Not his Seafood Restaurant in Cornwall but some odd, medieval themed joint with beaten up old oak tables and a fire pit in the centre of the room.

We parked the Lamborghini right alongside the table and asked the waitress for raw capers. The waitress pitched up with the capers and some pencils and paper. Great! We both like to draw so sat there drawing while our lobster was being prepared.

This is actually something of a dream scenario for me. To be sat in the company of a beautiful lady in a posh restaurant both enjoying a passion of ours. We talked about France a heck of a lot and argued. But arguing with Rachel is a lot of fun, it seems, as she likes to kiss and make up.

We ended up getting booted out of the restaurant but not without having to cover the £200 bill for the lobster and wine.

So I woke this morning with this fresh in my mind and took a visit to her website to discover more about this enchanting lady that I’d pretend dated in the most bizarre and fantastical circumstances.

Dreams must mean something, surely. But what on earth does that mean? And why Rachel? Heaven knows but I am secretly hoping for another date tonight.