Digital sketching with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq

For the digital sketcher there really is no finer tool than Mischief, in my opinion. It’s inexpensive, lightweight and packed with the drawing power to produce quality visuals that scale beautifully due to its use of vector rendering.


I’ve written about the merits of cartooning with Mischief before.

My early morning ‘warm up exercises’ generally involve writing or drawing based on first thoughts as I wake. Coffee fuelled scribbling is a favourite dawn activity of mine and I frequently turn to Mischief.

It’s fast, reliable and completely flexible for the artist that just wants to ‘dive in’ and draw.

Today I drew Llamas. Not randomly I hasten to add but as part of a client’s project for a children’s picture book. It’s a fun story and the Llama that stars is a pretty funny if decidedly laid back character.

2016101032-spitting 2016101044-lottie2

For these sketches I drew from a simple reference photo that I’d found on the internet.

On Mac you can hit Cmd+W and Mischief drops into a semi-transparent mode. You can still draw but it shows the window beneath such that you can use it for reference – or trace if you’re so inclined. A neat feature and something I’ve used a great deal.


Semi transparent mode in Mischief

On iMac ( I can’t comment for Windows) there’s little difference to firing up Mischief and drawing in under 3 seconds than opening up a sketchbook and finding a blank page.