Carrie Fisher

2016 has claimed some wonderfully gifted people but the loss of Carrie Fisher has struck me hard.

Like so many millions of kids born in the late 60s early 70s Star Wars went a long way to defining who I am in terms of my creative style and vision. The fairy tale set in space with its iconic characters and breath-taking audio / visual stamped a love of storytelling on me that has never faded.

Princess Leia was my first screen love at the tender age of 7. I wanted to be Luke. I wanted to fight like a Jedi and rescue the princess. I wanted so much to craft my own Star Wars adventure and model it around Luke’s quest to save the beautiful Leia from the evil Empire.

Carrie Fisher was, of course, far more than just a Star Wars princess. A hugely gifted lady who had considerable success away from the camera as much as she did in front of it. A talented writer and keen activist she would not stand by so easily in the face of injustice – particularly injustice toward women.

I sketched the image within hours of learning of Carrie Fisher’s death. My own tribute to a beautiful and gifted lady who stood out amongst the Hollywood rabble in so many ways.