Me reading a story on TV

A video of my time on television recently where I was fortunate enough to read from one of my own stories – My Hairy, Scary Best Friend.

If the video doesn’t automatically start at my spot you can zoom to 11 mins 30 seconds :-)

VIDEO – Sketching Santa and a surprise gift

I love to take a gamble every once in a while and hit record as I’m about to start sketching. For this sketch I knew that I wanted to draw Santa but beyond that I had no clue. It was really only as I constructed his face / eyes etc that I realised I wanted to have him present an excited child with a ‘mystery’ gift.

This sketch was recorded using Quicktime on iMac. I used Mischief and a Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch to create the image. I hope you like it :)

Exploring cartoon ideas digitally

I love to sketch and I love to sketch both traditionally and digitally. I’ve got sketchbooks full of doodles and ideas.
In the main I sketch characters and more often than not use a simple black ink pen. I don’t use felt tipped pens, rather I look to a simple biro or perhaps a gel pen. I really like how it feels on the paper. Especially the biro. You seem to get a lot of texture built up in the artwork.

Digitally I have a number of applications that I can use.

What I love about sketching is working upward from the seed of an idea.
In the video below you can see that I was looking at presenting two characters, side by side.
This is an early morning sketch. I call them warm up sketches and are generally drawn whilst I sip that first cup of coffee.
I’d had an idea for a very simple character holding something. Right when I made the first mark on the screen I didn’t actually know what the character was going to be holding. I certainly had no idea what his mood might be.

I thought this may be interesting so I hit the record button on QuickTime.
I hope you find the process interesting to watch. You can see that although it was a pretty short sketch (actually around 6 minutes in real time) I managed to explore a few expressions. Lots of fun.