The Cartoon Academy in Manchester

Earlier today I took my Cartoon Academy to Manchester.
I was particularly excited by this class as the children were all home schooled. I confess I had no idea just how big the home schooling community is and it appears that Manchester is something of a key location.

Some wonderful young artists in Manchester

Some wonderful young artists in Manchester

Around 20 young children aged between 5 and 11 sat and watched as I introduced myself, my work and the work that we would all be producing.

Such a fantastic group of artists who picked up every technique with aplomb and were soon creating some wonderful cartoon characters.

I do hope to see them all again. Hugely rewarding.

The Cartoon Academy in Mums and Dads Magazine

My Cartoon Academy workshops for young children are really my pride and joy. There’s little in the world more rewarding for me than to see young children expressing themselves and having fun with their drawing.
It’s a real pleasure to see such young imaginations at work.

I recently contributed an article to Mums and Dads magazine and am thrilled to see it land on my doormat this morning.

I even get to share a spread with Roald Dahl and The Gruffalo :)


Read more about Mums and Dads magazine at their site.

A fun day at Weston Primary School, Crewe

I was thrilled to take my Cartoon Academy along to Weston Primary School in Crewe today.
The children had written a story between them. That’s 257 children contributing to a fantastic story about a hero, magic soup and a mystical farmyard.

I worked with selected groups of children throughout the day to turn their words into pictures. It really was such a fantastic experience. So many of the children had their own wonderful ideas and we had so much fun bringing their ideas to life with cartoons.
I’m not sure there is such a fine sight as a room full of creative young minds drawing and contributing their ideas.

I will now take their drawings, scan them into the Mac and assemble a book that they will ultimately be able to hold in their hands.


The Cartoon Academy

The Cartoon Academy is a series of workshops that I enjoy taking around schools and private functions. I also run workshops in my home town during the school holidays.

The workshops are design to build confidence in children aged 4 – 11 through creativity and expression. Above all we have fun drawing cartoons and generally spend the entire class time laughing, drawing and talking about our favourite characters.

For more information take a look at The Cartoon Academy website.