So yesterday was a cool day.

I’d woken early and full of gusto for the day ahead. As it goes I had no plans for the day. A very rare ‘clear’ day where I could focus on my own projects.

As I showered and sipped those wonderful first sips of early morning coffee, I thought to myself, ‘hm, I wonder if I could make any money today..’

I fired up the Mac and started to organise my morning in terms of my own writing projects. Moments later an email dropped into my inbox requesting some bespoke cartoon clip art.

A couple of emails later and I’m enjoying crafting some fun cartoons. We agreed the price for each and by the end of a day’s work I was several £££ better off.

One of the clip art pieces created yesterday (without the colour)

Happenstance? Happy accident? Fate? Cosmic alignment?

I don’t know. But I was certainly happy to shelve my own projects for paid work for the day.

A pencil sketch commission

I love taking on different projects and recently I was asked to create a simple pencil sketch. The brief was simple: a father and child walking a dog with a starry sky.

6B pencil sketch

6B pencil sketch

Freelance illustration for a local school

I recently completed some work for a local school – Rodeheath Primary School in Alsager. The project centred around Engineering and a new initiative by the school to encourage children into understanding the various forms that it takes.

Here’s a few concepts and finished pieces.

The popular engineer and TV personality Danielle George has given her support to the project and features in the foreword.

danielle kidgame sketch-kidsplan sketch-kidswater wind youareanengineer