The Anti-Trump Crowd And Protesting Via Social Media

Social media is rife with anti-Trump headlines. It’s also rife with pro-Trump banners and memes.

It’s interesting to me to see that the ‘anti’ crowd seem to write their disdain in lengthy posts whereas the ‘pro’ crowd prefer to reflect their support in anti-anti graphics. At least, they do on my own social timelines.

Right now I’m bored of the whole thing. Any discussion with friends on the topic of democracy, misogyny, sexism, the Nazis, anti-Muslim(ism) seems to wind up in a mess of foul language and table thumping.

My own view here is that Donald Trump won the vote and is now the president of the US. It’s up to him to prove to those of us who didn’t vote (or wouldn’t have voted) for him, wrong.

That said I do believe in the freedom to protest. Great things have come from protests in recent history. When people unite to stand against an aggressor there’s every chance that it will have some effect if the methods are legal and the campaign sustained. Displacing a head of state or government official is harder, of course it it. But where there is enough pressure there has to be hope. Rebellions are built upon hope after all. (Thanks, Star Wars!)

There are some similarities to the Trump campaign for presidency and the imagery and rhetoric used by Hitler. But to compare Donald Trump to Hitler is absurd.

Just thinking of Star Wars again, the imagery used by the First Order in The Force Awakens is stark and startling. Clearly designed to draw visual comparison to Hitler’s visions of a new Germany – a New Order.

It’s powerful, emotive and indelible. It also requires an orator of some distinction to deliver the message.

General Hux in the Star Wars world is such a man. Praise the script writers!
Adolf Hitler in the real world was such a man. And lethal as a consequence.
Donald Trump? Not really. Impassioned, yes. Articulate? No.

I see a lot of Trump vs Hitler comparison banded about the internet and media. It sickens me, really. Undesirable he may be but he has a long, long way to go to rank alongside the most vile man the world has ever known.

Just my own ‘back of the napkin’ thoughts.