Escape to North Carolina?



I’d like to expand my blogging a little to include some non-art related posts. So here goes.

Yesterday evening I put my feet up and settled down to watch a movie on Amazon Prime.  I chose Safe Haven, a beautifully set romantic drama that sees a young wife (bloodied hands and all) fleeing her home town in search of a new start.

The reason I’m writing about it here is that the setting (Southport, North Carolina US) captivated me. We’re just into Autumn here in the UK and everything is beginning to rust and fall through various shades of red and gold.
Southport appeared to be doing the same thing to great effect.

As an artist and aspiring writer it was precisely the sort of location I’d head to for some inspiration. Somewhere to just escape it all for a while.

I often daydream about fleeing the run of the mill and heading out to some place to start again. Watching ‘Katie’ become somebody new and start a new life several hundred miles from home was infectious and extremely appealing.

A good film despite the lousy reviews. But then, make your own decisions, I did and wasn’t disappointed.