Howard McWilliam illustration

Every once in a while I love just looking around at what’s being published in the Children’s market.

Earlier I looked at Scholastic’s collection and was struck by a number of beautifully illustrated book covers.

One of which was Dinosaur Christmas.

Dinosaur Christmas beautifully illustrated by Howard McWilliam

Dinosaur Christmas beautifully illustrated by Howard McWilliam

I’d not heard of the illustrator, Howard McWilliam, so went in search of his work.

Wow! Such beautiful and expressive artwork with a wonderful sense of cartoon fun. The colours and composition are hugely inspiring to a budding character illustrator.

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What I’m really struck by here is the viewpoint from which we observe the action. The ‘camera’, if I can call it that, is positioned to give us not just a great view of the action but the best possible angle from which to view it.

These images could easily be glossy storyboards for an animated movie.


And then there is the use of light and colour. The image of the monster in the bedroom is funny yet at the same time warm and cosy. That everything stems from the bedside lamp and throws the far corner into shadow is key. The monster itself is beautifully cast in light. I love this piece. It’s so far removed from my own style but I can see so much in there to borrow. Not least the solidity and composition.

You can check more of Howard’s children’s illustration here.