Enjoying David Walliams’ children’s books

As a long time fan of Roald Dahl it made sense that I should at some point read one of David Walliams’ children’s books. Though I didn’t know anything about them I’d read that they were written in a similar style to Dahl.


So I picked up Billionaire Boy. Purely because it was the first one I saw on the shelf.

Flicking quickly through the contents of the book I noticed some curiously named chapters. Chapter 2 – ‘Bum Boy’ :)

Reading the story was fun. A really well written little story with short sentences and some fantastic, punchy dialogue. Perfect for the target age group.

I wasn’t necessarily reminded of Dahl. Walliams seemed to borrow from him but not simply copy him. What was apparent was that both writers have their own style but the publishers are obviously keen to market them in the same breath.

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Little surprise that Tony Ross should illustrate the story with a Quentin Blake style of loose ink line and watercolour. Beautifully illustrated and the perfect way to bring the writing to life.

I heartily recommend the story (and Walliams’ other stories) to anybody with an interest in writing for the modern children’s market.