The terrible fate of Colin Collins

Continuing my doodle theme I fired up Corel Painter and messed around with an idea that started life as a small blob staring up into the sky. Naturally I made up a little story for the scene :-)

I wanted to show a sense of anticipation, mystery and a touch of nerves. This guy sees something high in the sky. Something that is not at all normal. It stops him in his tracks…


Simple sketch with a 6B Pencil and RGB 128,128,128 colour.


Outlined with a Flat Color pen and black colour

Colin Collins, THE most unlucky kid in school, saw something high in the sky. Something strange. Something… alien. He stopped walking and stared as the diamond shaped ‘thing’ fell from the sky. It span and shone and twisted and groaned as it tumbled right out of the sky at breakneck pace.

Young Master Collins stood in awe. He stood in awe for just a little too long. The diamond alien thing hurtled toward him at a little over one thousand feet per second.

When it struck him it was travelling at just less than the speed of sound. Colin Collins made no sound. The alien thing made a crater 240 metres wide and 78 metres deep.


Finished with Watercolor – Dry on Dry Paper


Colin Collins in Corel Painter X3 on iMac