While on holiday in France a number of years back I picked up a hardover comic book called Le Petit Spirou. I’d never heard of it before but fell in love with the art.


A Janry character

So much about this little character inspired me and still inspires me.

The solidity of the character combined with the beautiful pen strokes really appeal to my artist’s mind. There’s so much fun and energy in it.

I particularly like the way the artist places those thicker strokes as shadow. Something that I’ve copied a great deal myself.

The artist in question is Janry (or Jean-Richard Geurts). Wikipedia info.
I’ve no doubt that he is familiar to many cartoonists but for those to whom he isn’t, I heartily recommend you check his work.

For my most recent video I wanted to attempt his ink style.


I sketched this dancing girl in Mischief. The black strokes were achieved with a flat marker pen. I wasn’t too confident in producing the lines so zoomed in a little to ensure that I got the desired effects.

You can see a video of me producing this piece on YouTube. Please forgive the anatomical inaccuracies !!