Early morning warm up sketches

For me there can be little better than grabbing some coffee and sitting in the early Summer sunshine with an ink pen and notebook. Those first few moments after sleep where your brain is still just a little bit in dream land are superb for playing with ideas.

If it’s not so Summery outside (as it was this morning) I’ll sit at the Mac and fire up a drawing app. My first choice drawing app is Corel Painter but I’ll also use Mischief. Both are superb for sketching in though Painter is, of course, a much more heavyweight application than just a sketching tool.

This morning I’d woken thinking about chess! Not sure why. But I instantly thought of the agony and the ecstasy of the outcome of a chess match. So I sketched it :)

chessvictoryFor this I used a Sketching Pencil in Painter to quickly establish the lines. I wasn’t at all concerned with detail, far more important to develop the characters with as few strokes as possible.

The chap on the left is the victor and clearly elated.
The chap on the right is the exact opposite.


What I like about Painter is the texture that the strokes provide. With this detail image (above) you can see how the marker pen reacts to the paper. Such wonderful texture that helps to enhance the experience of digital sketching.