I am a real hardcore doodler. I mean, anywhere, anytime, if I can get a hold of a pencil and paper I’ll just scribble and doodle.

More often than not such doodles wind up in the bin but occasionally I create something that makes me stop and think. This is really what I love about doodling – you never quite know what you’re going to get. It can be a nice surprise.

I doodled this earlier.


It’s really nothing at all. There’s certainly nothing on my mind as I’m drawing. Everything that ends up in the image has just been ‘logical’ at that point. I admit I don’t much like the witch’s hat and spider. Pretty naff. But I was intrigued by the character with the one big eye and mad hair!


As I was blocking some of that marker pen in I thought how cool it would be for a story. A young girl who loves to draw, sketches something (such as my straggly haired critter) and then in a bizarre turn of events, said critter pulls the girl into his world of scribbles and silly drawings. She sees the world completely differently. Everyone and everything she thought she knew is actually just a badly drawn doodle :-) The problem? She has a limited amount of time to avoid becoming a permanent doodle.

If I’d not already read a book entitled The Girl of Ink and Stars I’d be inclined to write a story with that exact title.