Doodling a witch

Lazily doodling earlier in Corel Painter, I found myself testing the side of a 6B pencil. As I shaded without removing the pencil from the canvas, I fell in love with the tone and texture.

I paused for a moment to look at the screen and quickly identified a witch. I’m quite a fan of crafting something from an otherwise dispensable piece of art.


The original doodle

As you can see the original marks on the canvas could have been pretty much anything!


Inked with a Flat Color pen


Original doodle removed and Watercolor tone applied

But to me they were quite clearly a witch. I used a Flat Color pen from the Ink Pens collection to shape the character.
The animated broom was added at the last moment.

With a combination of wet paint brushes from the Watercolor collection I added some tone.

I rather like the way the witch is creepily drifting and dragging her toes along the floor!

Image created with Corel Painter X3 on iMac with Wacom Cintiq.